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Bright Vision Schools International consists of several educational institutions located in five remote villages outside of Accra, Ghana. The schools were founded by Bishop Bright Michael Adofoh of Peace Chapel International, who grew up in a remote village where education was lacking. 

Adofoh’s vision is for children in remote villages to get an education, and therefore, he began building schools throughout various villages.  Despite his efforts, unfortunately most of the school slack funding for adequate teacher salaries, school buses, computers, classroom supplies, building repairs, bathrooms, and the like.

An additional concern to Adofoh are the medical needs of the villager, where there are no hospitals, clinic, or medical insurance.  Sadly, the mortality rate in the villages is very high because the villagers become too ill, the only option is death.  It is Adofoh’s desire to build medical centers in these remote areas to help provide medical care so that lives can be saved.