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  1. African Roots Healing Project
  2. The Business/ Entrepreneur Exchange Summit
  3. The Right to Heal Retreat
  4. The Bright Vision Schools

African Roots Healing Project – African Americans make the trip back to the Motherland for the first time while experiencing a healing retreat.

Many people in Africa and those in the diaspora, of African descent are in dismal financial and social economic situations.  The African Roots Project will endeavor to Uncover, to Discover to Recover our roots while – Healing the African American soul and fulfill our desire to reconnect with the people in our bloodline

Business / Edu-preneurs Exchange Summit – 

Using the creativity, resilience and ingenuity of people of African descent, the BEES Summit seeks to connect entrepreneurs, educators and and partner with corporations to create partnerships to build, implement and sustain working relationships between our two countries.  To build  and rebuild economic wealth. Restoring faith in their own abilities to make a living and thrive as business developers and owners.  Repairing the breach between Africans and African Americans, individually and collectively of the scarring that still remains between African brothers and sisters who were torn apart long ago – for all in the African Diaspora.

EDUCATION – The Bright Vision Schools: Our desire is to help pay the salaries of the teachers and educators, starting with the 5 remote village schools and branch to educators throughout Africa and the US, encouraging them to instill hope for a bright future as they are teaching the future kings, queens, dignitaries, presidents, pastors, apostles, doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and more.  With Isaiah 58 as a backdrop passage, Bridge seeks to educate our mission to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, bring the homeless to shelter and to recognize the needs of our own people.  

How? By actively exploring opportunities for business and entreprenuerial connection; Explore opportunities to create, begin and develop businesses